40% of boaters set out without legally required safety equipment.

Keep Your Customers Safe!

  • Build an ongoing relationship as a boating safety expert
  • Learn what equipment they need to avoid big fines

Safety First Marine is a free new online resource that will help marine retailers like you bring your customers safely back to shore and back to your store.

Do you fly a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter over water? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had to ditch? Do you believe that your survival chances when ditching a light aircraft or helicopter are minimal?

Improving your odds of survival in a water based aircraft incident begins with AES.

The S.A.F.E. course will give you and your flight crew the tools and confidence to have a far better chance of surviving a water impact crash. Reports from aviation publications state that 90% of people that end up in the water while flying, drowned needlessly. This indicates that they survived the impact but succumbed to drowning when they did not exit the aircraft.

S.A.F.E. is short for: