About the Safety First Marine Program

The boats, equipment and services you sell help your customers enjoy the active and fun-flled lifestyle of recreational boating. As marine retailers - the people who really know boating - we have a responsibility to help provide the best boating experiences possible.

You can do that by ensuring that your customers' boats are equipped with all the legally required safety equipment, as well as items that are good to have aboard and information to help the folks who trust your advice stay safe on the water.

Safety First Marine has been created for you. Whether you work in a boat dealership, chandlery, or an outdoor retailer's boating or marine department, this program will help you become more knowledgeable, confident, and prepared to providebetter service to your customers.

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) - the agency responsible for promoting safe recreational boating across Canada - knows that boaters rely on your advice.

Core information that will make you a reliable source of boating safety advice is organized in Safety First Marine's online learning modules covering a variety of subjects. Within each module, you will find individual short segments on specific equipment, information and available services.

You can work through the modules and segments at your own pace and in any order you wish. Safety First Marine will track your progress and you can always pick up where you left off.

As you complete each module, put your knowledge to the test. A series of fill-in-the-blank questions will help you review what you've learned, and then use the answer sheet to grade your answers yourself.

You can also use Safety First Marine to download key information - like equipment requirements for different types of boats, pre-departure check lists, or how to make and file a float plan - that you can hand out to your customers. And if you wish to personalize it, the information can display your company's logo.

Once you have completed the entire Safety First Marine program, download a certificate of completion recognizing you as a CSBC Safety First Marine Specialist - and have the confidence to provide your customers with the advice they need to make good decisions on equipment, information and services.

What you do can help make sure your customer always get safely back to shore ... and come back to your store.

Now is the time. Register and let's get started.